Karen Hughes opened Peninsula Pilates & Wellness over 15 years ago. Our mission at Peninsula Pilates is to provide a safe and scientific based exercise program for people of all ages from the youngest to the oldest. We offer a wide range of sessions and classes to help you receive maximum results. We will show you how to use equipment like reformers and springboards to assist in your Pilates workout. We feature an experienced and friendly staff ready to assist you.


karen hughes

Karen Hughes, PTA, BS holds a degree in Health and Physical Education from Salisbury University and a PhD in Naturopathy. She is the owner of Peninsula Pilates and Wellness. Hughes has been instructing fitness classes and programs for 30 years. She is a licensed physical therapist assistant but now does Pilates programming full-time with an emphasis on Post Rehabilitation instruction in all fields of Physical Therapy.

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tessa gallagher

Tessa holds degrees in Psychology and Computer Programming. Her interests include family, health, fitness and travel and she enjoys working fitness into her daily life through running, tennis, and practicing Pilates, among other fun activities. Tessa and her husband have two sons and settled in Salisbury in 2009 when she began her Pilates training at Peninsula Pilates. Tessa’s certifications include Balanced Body Ballet Barre and Plyoga and can be found teaching barre and PLYOGA classes weekly at Peninsula Pilates and Wellness.   


bev sterling

Bev began teaching fitness classes at Merritt Athletic Club in 1989 until they closed in 2008. Since then, she’s taught at World Gym, YMCA, Z Craze-Z, Live Fit Gym, and at Peninsula Pilates and Wellness. Through her years of teaching, she’s learned many forms of exercise, including Yoga and Pilates. Her certifications include AFPA Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, Zumba and Centergy.


jeanne ruff

Jeanne has been involved in exercise and healthy lifestyle living for over twenty-five years. Her focus has been predominately in Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehabilitation; taking the components of an exercise program and applying them to patients with disease. Jeanne holds a Master of Science degree in Exercise Physiology/Cardiac Rehabilitation from the University of Wisconsin-La Cross. She is certified by the American Heart Association in Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Jeanne is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine as a Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist, Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Program Director. Jeanne has a passion for a variety of exercises such as running and cycling.


nicole abresch

Nicole is a Salisbury University graduate with a BFA in Graphic Design. She received the SCW Ballet Barre Fitness Certification in 2016. An avid practitioner of ballet barre for over 3 years, Nicole began instructing classes at Peninsula Pilates in October of 2016. Nicole enjoys a variety of fitness activities including Pilates, barre and more.