pilates mat beginner basics

This class is about results! Flatten your abs, strengthen your deep core and tone your legs. This class will help you visibly improve your posture. Master the basic moves in this class, gain confidence and learn lifelong skills to carry to other Pilates classes. Class is a beginner level class.


pilates mat strength and flexibility

Full body workout!. The emphasis on improving Strength, stamina and range of motion. Light weights and bands added for increased resistance.


restorative reformer

This class flows using slow focused movements designed to improve your flexibility, balance and posture awareness. Slower paced class for those with spine, hip and knee problems.


springboard & mat

This class is designed to hit all areas of the body keeping with the tempo of mat and the strengthening of the springs. This class will definitely bring on a sweat.


pilates mat deep core toning

Unique to Peninsula Pilates a deep core toning class unlike any other fitness class. Designed to retrain breath and unite breath and movement in a very specific way. Gain stronger joints and a strong core to meet the demands of your daily life. Pilates small equipment will be included in this workout.


bodhi suspension system

A 4 point suspension system creating an engaging workout by adding strength, flexibility, balance and proprioceptive challenges. For all levels of fitness.


springboard basics

Keeping with the fundamentals of Pilates learn the basic moves at the Springboard. Improve your overall strength and flexibility utilizing different spring resistance.


cardio sculpt

Come and experience a combination of the jump board on the reformer for half the class along with the strengthening of the springboard for the remainder.


pilates mat shoulder and arms

Tone and define your arms and shoulders with light weights and maximal repetitions. Upper body work on the mat, including planks, pushups and more. No more granny arms in this class. The Bodhi Suspension System is integrated during this class to target your arms.


reformer basics

Reformer fundamentals in a class setting. This is a small class designed for only 4 participants. Intended for the beginner in a Pilates setting.


springboard intermediate

Continue developing your skill level at the springboard during this class. More challenging Pilates exercises will be included in this class including those with the push through bar.